Trail Ambassadors

Trail Ambassadors are park docents who help park visitors with anything from directions and first aid to teaching them about the park’s history, flora, fauna and geology. Each year, a class of Ambassadors-in-training participate in an eight-week training program that teaches them to patrol the park, lead hikes, and staff information tables in the Wissahickon and the surrounding community.

APPLY HERE- Click here to download the 2018 Volunteer Training Application.


Currently there are over 100 active Trail Ambassadors, but we always welcome more. By joining this team, you will become an expert on the Wissahickon and learn about the history and ecology of the park. You’ll interact with park users on a daily basis and become the eyes and ears of FOW. It’s a great, important job because it is through Trail Ambassadors that FOW is better able to serve the public and protect the park. Learn more


Trail Ambassador Accomplishments 2015

  •     Performed over 500 park shifts throughout the entire park
  •    Talked with over 1,800 park visitors about the Wissahickon and shared their knowledge of the park and its rich history and ecology
  •     Informed park visitors of best practices in park safety
  •     Led over 60 guided walks and talks on a variety of topics all over the park
  •     Helped keep the park clean, by picking up trash and cleaning up graffiti
  •    Responded to park visitors inquiries about every subject imaginable – from current projects in the park to Valley Green Inn and everything in between!