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FOW Seeks Seasonal Field Assistants

Current Projects // April 26, 2017

Job Announcement Position: Seasonal Field Assistant Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW) is seeking three (3) Seasonal Field Assistants to assist us with our goals of community engagement, providing safe and attractive infrastructure and fostering ecologically...

It’s Hip to Support FOW on Mother’s Day

News // April 18, 2017

Looking for a great Mother’s Day gift? Opt out of breakfast in bed (too messy anyway) and head over to the Wissahickon for brunch at the Valley Green Inn. After brunch, take a hike while...

Wissahickon Forest Fights Global Warming

Education // April 11, 2017

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Another article in an occasional series of articles that appeared in FOW’s publications in the past and still resonate with us today. This piece was written by Dena Sher, a former FOW Board...

An Ode to Stone

Education // April 05, 2017

The Wissahickon is described as a pelitic schist and gneiss with interlayers of quartzite. Color is highly variable as is the mineralogy. A general description for the unit is described as a silver to brown garnet mica-schist. More even than the plants,...

Director’s Notebook: Trout Fishing in the Wissahickon

Conservation // March 29, 2017

One of the first signs of spring in Wissahickon Valley Park is the annual trout stocking by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). It is a tremendous undertaking and there are many good reasons...

Tuned In to the Wissahickon

Conservation // March 23, 2017

Our yards are perfect opportunities to increase habitat real estate for the hundreds of birds, animals, and insects that live or travel through the Wissahickon Valley Park region. With this in mind, there are many...

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